EFEMERIDES Día Internacional de la Actividad Fisica

El día 3 de de marzo en forma destacada alumnos del 2 año C, llevan a cabo la efemérides en un perfecto ingles. Los alumnos que dictaron esa exposición fueron Nicolas Tabito Guerra e Ismael Hernandez Ramos, acompañados por Pablo Ponce Mora, Miguel SIlva Calanche y Jefrey Vargas Araya; y dirigidos por el Profesor de Educacion Fisica el Sr Osvaldo Verdugo Moreno

Esta fue la exposicion en ingles que los alumnos llevaron a cabo a la perfeccion:


World Physical Activities Day

Fifteen years after the Agita Program started in Sao Pablo, the health ministry decided to use this program to promote health through physical exercise.

Years later the World health organization together with the member countries had the resolution of annualy celebrating the world physical activity day, with the objective to promote good health and wellbeing.

The world health organization (O.M.S.) celebrates on April 6th the World Physical Activity day, and invites worldwide to do exercise  everyday to better our health.

It has also the objetives to the amount of benefits that doing exercise has. A great amount of health problems which is due to problems such as obesity, heart problems and blood pressure have raised these years.

The world health organization has promoted the last years many activities, such as sports and championships. They encourage everybody to participate of these activities, but not only today, but on daily basis.

The main massage on the O.M.S. for this day is to start changing life habits, and promote the moderate daily physical activity, like walking thirty minutes every day, ride a bicicle fos transport or Jog in the City Park